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Stilettos on Steel: Female Motorcyclists with a Purpose

11034224_864023576974602_6789725167336635650_nThe face of motorcycling is changing. People of all ages, ethnicities and professions are embracing this thrilling sport – even women. More and more women are turning to motorcycles to meet other like-minded women and even support causes. Stilettos on Steel is one such women’s motorcycle group.

Stilettos on Steel currently has chapters in eight states: Wisconsin (where the group is based), California, Michigan, Colorado, Minnesota, Indiana, Florida and Connecticut. Wisconsin has the most chapters (16) comprising more than 230 members. Across the United States, there are 40 officers and more than 330 members.

The group’s mission is to unite women of all skill levels and allow them to learn from their peers, as well as professionals, about motorcycle safety. The purpose is to teach women to become street smart and to ride safely. The overall vision is to prove to others that motorcycling is not solely a man’s pastime – women also have what it takes to operate and own a motorcycle.

Stilettos on Steel is different from other motorcycle groups, in that it is not considered a club. The group does have a logo and members can purchase clothing featuring the logo, but there is no “uniform” or required attire or gear. There are rules of conduct, and for the most part, they are fairly easy to remember: Be respectful of others and act responsibly. This includes refraining from drinking during the group’s riding events.

In order to become a member of Stilettos on Steel, women must be a licensed rider within the first year of membership, must love riding motorcycles and have the ability to ride with those new to riding. In addition, members must be “tactful, caring, giving and classy.” Gossip and physical violence are not permitted. The group’s focus is “kindness to everyone.”

Membership in Stilettos on Steel offers a patch, ID card and invitations to events sponsored by the group.  The group has a Facebook page – – for those interested in joining or learning more about the group and its mission. Some locations have as many as 10 rides and events per week.  Any woman is invited to become a member, as long as they have a passion for riding.


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