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Motorcycle Recalls

motorcycle_safety.jpgOn the road and in the courts of law, motorcyclists are often given short shrift in terms of respect. Other motorists often aren’t aware of them as they should be, and in court those who’ve been involved in motorcycle accidents in California or sustained serious injuries may not secure an equitable outcome without the help of a qualified California motorcycle attorney. Of course the best way to avoid the need for a personal injury lawsuit or a motorcycle accident claim is to practice safety and self-preservation on the roads. By following a few common sense tips, you can make your travels significantly safer. Preventive driving/riding may be the number one asset any motorcyclist has at his/her disposal. The number of motorcycle-related fatal accidents while speeding is double that of other drivers, which means that slowing down can quite literally save lives. Also, remember that other drivers have many blind spots as it pertains to motorcycles on the road. Make your presence known on the road in order to avoid potential accidents. Road conditions can turn a leisurely and enjoyable ride into a tragic circumstance in a split second. More than anyone else on the road, motorcyclists must be aware of these conditions because they absolutely will affect the way a bike handles. Beware of inclines and curves in the road, as well as construction zones, bad weather conditions, pot holes and debris, slippery roadways, loose gravel, and any other variables that may impede your safety. States are required to post signs warning drivers of potentially dangerous road conditions. Having blind faith that these signs will be there or will be posted in a visible spot, however, is not a good idea. Keep your head up and your senses finely tuned, and stay safe. Finally, and if you’re a motorcyclist we know you’ve heard it before, wear a helmet. By now you’ve heard all of the arguments for wearing a helmet, but ultimately it comes down to whether or not you want to live. Those wearing helmets have a much higher chance of surviving an accident, while those not wearing helmets have a much higher chance of sustaining severe if not fatal head and neck injuries. Case closed. Riding a motorcycle will always be a riskier proposition than driving a car, which makes the concept of preventive driving/riding all the more important. Look out for yourself by assuming that no one on four wheels is looking out for you.

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