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Martinez Resident Killed After Falling off Back of Motorcycle

Motorcycle riding is a fun and exciting activity enjoyed by many Californians, but there’s no denying that it is also a dangerous activity, especially for passengers. Unlike drivers, passengers don’t have handlebars to grip. They often must hold onto the driver. However, if the passenger lets go, he or she could fall off the back of the bike and onto the roadway. Unfortunately, that was what recently happened to a woman fatally injured in a Vallejo motorcycle accident. The 37-year-old Martinez woman fell from the back of the bike, was hit by a vehicle behind her and died instantly.

The fatal motorcycle accident happened on July 22, 2015, on Highway 37. A 37-year-old man, also from Martinez, was driving his Harley-Davidson motorcycle up a steep incline near the Napa River Bridge. The female passenger had her arms around the man’s waist, but she lost her grip and fell off the bike.

In order to prevent similar tragedies from occurring, we want to remind motorcycle operators and their passengers of some, simple tips to stay safe.


  1. Keep your feet on the foot pegs. If you move them, your legs or feet could end up on a wheel, a belt or hot muffler.
  2. Keep your weight centered and try to move as little as possible.
  3. Keep your hands on the rider’s hips.
  4. On turns, look over the driver’s shoulder, in the direction of the turn. This will keep you perfectly positioned.

Ways Drivers Can Keep Their Passengers Safe:

  1. Ride cautiously and avoid sudden moves.
  2. Don’t go around corners too quickly.
  3. Alert the passenger when you are going to pass or climb a steep hill. Allow extra time for passing, especially if it is windy.

For all operators and their passengers, make sure to always wear proper gear, including: helmet, heavy jeans or leather pants, gloves and boots or sturdy shoes.

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