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Highway Bill Amendments to Benefit Motorcyclists

Highway Bill Amendments to Benefit Motorcyclists

The Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act of 2015 was recently amended by the House of Representatives to offer benefits to those who ride motorcycles on the roadways. Elected officials voted in favor of the bill, 363 to 64. The bill will provide $325 billion for various motorcycle-related improvements, over a period of six years.

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) worked with the federal government to sift through all of the legislation’s amendments, more than 100 in total, to build support for amendments most favorable to motorcyclists. The amendments seek to promote motorcycle ridership, motorcyclist safety and so much more. For example, one amendment provides highway safety grant funding to reduce distracted driving. Another amendment funds a crash-prevention study by the National Academy of Sciences. Another amendment proposes that the Motorcycle Advisory Council coordinate with the U.S. Department of Transportation regarding highway infrastructure issues and their affect on motorcyclists. The bill will be sent on to the conference committee, who will examine the versions of the amendments.

To many drivers, motorcyclist is a dirty word. Many drivers view motorcyclists as “reckless,” “a nuisance,” “outlaws,” etc; It is true that some motorcycle riders, just like their automobile counterparts, fail to abide by traffic laws. However, most motorcyclists and automobile operators are safe drivers. The AMA is hopeful that this bill will go a long way in making the roadways safe for everyone.

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