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Can’t Afford A Motorcycle? Print Your Own


Motorcycle Created With 3D Printer

Motorcycles offer a lot of fun and freedom to thrill seekers looking for an alternative way to get from one destination to another. Although many people dream of having one of their own, sometimes life gets in the way. If a person already owns a vehicle, then a motorcycle is another expense that may not be within their budget.

Now, motorcycle ownership is within reach for those with a 3D printer. For those unfamiliar with the technology, 3D printing allows you to print an object that you create yourself. 3D printers can make model cars, car parts, body parts and even guns. One artist recently used his 3D printer to create a life-size replica of a motorcycle.

A New York artist, Jonathan Brand, created a motorcycle – a 1972 Honda CB500 – using solely his 3D printers. The artist had always wanted a motorcycle, but was accident-prone and other life events postponed his purchase. He decided to create his own motorcycle. Most of the parts took between 4 and 12 hours to create, while some took as long as 24 hours. All in all, he spent over a year on this labor of love.

The artist used 18 rolls of plastic on his creation, with a total weight of about 36 pounds. Although he can’t ride it like he would a real one, he can roll it and steer it – not bad for something made from two printers. Besides his pair of Ultimaker 3D printers, the man also used software such as Adobe Illustrator,3D Studio Max, Kisslicer, Rhino,Geomagic and Netfabb. The process involves creating the initial forms, cutting them with a vinyl cutter or by hand and then printing and cutting each individual piece. For the finished product, each piece is printed and glued together.

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