Martinez Resident Killed After Falling off Back of Motorcycle

Motorcycle riding is a fun and exciting activity enjoyed by many Californians, but there’s no denying that it is also a dangerous activity, especially for passengers. Unlike drivers, passengers don’t have handlebars to grip. They often must hold onto the driver. However, if the passenger lets go, he or she could fall off the back of the bike and onto the roadway. Unfortunately, that was what recently happened to a woman fatally injured in a Vallejo motorcycle accident. The 37-year-old Martinez woman fell from the back of the bike, was hit by a vehicle behind her and died instantly.

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Motorcycle Theft Statistics and Prevention


Motorcycles are the vehicle of choice for motorists who enjoy the freedom of the open road. While motorcycles get excellent gas mileage and are easy to maneuver – especially in traffic, they come with one huge downside: they’re easy to steal. A locked door is a deterrent for most car thieves, but motorcycles lack doors and even a novice can hop on one and ride off, never to be seen again.

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