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Motorcycle Created With 3D Printer

Motorcycles offer a lot of fun and freedom to thrill seekers looking for an alternative way to get from one destination to another. Although many people dream of having one of their own, sometimes life gets in the way. If a person already owns a vehicle, then a motorcycle is another expense that may not be within their budget.

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The Right Safety Gear

Motorcycle Safety Gear

To many, motorcycles offer fun and freedom, but at the same time, they offer an increased risk of danger and death. A motorcyclist is 30 times more likely than a motorist in a passenger car to die in an accident. This is due to the lack of protection on a motorcycle. While we can drive in our car or truck and wear any outfit we’d like, motorcyclists don’t have that freedom. Even in sweltering temperatures, motorcyclists must suit up in appropriate gear – or suffer serious injuries in a potential accident. But with proper planning and safety in mind, riders can enjoy the freedom of motorcycling without injuries.

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South Dakota and New Mexico Issue Historic Votes on Motorcycle Rights

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

March 5, 2015 – Legislators in New Mexico and South Dakota recently voted on measures which will have a significant impact on motorcyclists. As is so often the case, however, these measures reopen the debate regarding freedom vs. safety, and not everyone is pleased about the outcome. Motorcyclists in South Dakota will now have the freedom to ride without restrictions on handlebar length, and most New Mexico riders can continue to take to the streets without a helmet. Motorcyclists came out in full force to uphold these rights, appearing at public hearings and committees to voice their opinions, but many others in these states – including medical professionals – have expressed the need for safety as a top priority.

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